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Bad Experiences

Bad dates are not only reserved for the first date. There are many individuals in committed relationships or even married who suffer from bad date experiences. The following are a couple of the bad date experiences I received from women who were kind enough to answer my question. The names were changed to protect the innocent.

  1. Linda agreed to go out on a date that was less than desirable as a favor to a friend. The gentleman she agreed to date showed up dressed in a powder blue leisure suit and stood outside while she finished getting ready. They were to go to dinner and then another surprise location. The gentleman took her to McDonalds for dinner, during which he dominated the conversation with information about himself. He could not stop talking about himself. After the gourmet dinner, he took her to the park where they sat on a park bench and he continued to talk about himself. She finally asked him to take her home. While they were saying goodnight at her doorstep, he couldn’t remember her name. He had talked so much about himself, he forgot her name. While this is not the ultimate in bad dates. I can see where just listening to someone talk about themselves all night could cause some frustration.
  2. Joyce agreed to go on a date with Bill from her office. He was always polite and seemed to have a good head on his shoulders. The date was set for a Friday night. After work on Friday, Bill called Joyce to see if she could come to his house instead of him picking her up for the date. She agreed. She was a little excited because, again, he seemed like an enjoyable individual. When she arrived at his home, it was really nice on the outside. So far things were looking really good. She rang the doorbell. He answered in his underwear. His package was obvious to anyone who wanted to look. Of course, the curiosity got the better of her and she looked. He then asked if she like what she saw. This was before he even invited her into his home. She got flustered and didn’t speak. He then asked her inside, but she was a little reluctant. He told her he had to finish getting dressed so they could go. This calmed her down enough so that she entered the home. The inside was not as nice as the outside, but it was still pleasant looking. Once inside it was a fight for her life. It wasn’t that he threatened her, but he did a lot of coaxing. He wouldn’t put on his pants and literally chased her around the room until she made for the door. Once outside she ran to her car. He stood in the doorway, in his underwear, pleading for her to come back inside. She did not. Back at work on Monday, she thought it would be awkward, but it wasn’t. He had acted like such a jerk that he wanted to forget about everything. Of course, it was months before she was able to even say a word to him. Her advice, “never date anyone from the workplace.”

A bad date can be overcome, but more than one is insurmountable. You might get away with one, but multiple bad dates will more than likely seal your fate.

It really doesn’t matter whether you are married or single and dating, if you continuously experience bad dates, perhaps it is not the other person. Plan a date. Don’t just run by the seat of your pants. Find out what she likes in conversation and then plan in that direction. People go on dates to connect. They go on dates to learn what they can about their companion. Be open. Be honest. Be Pleasant. Do not force yourself upon anyone, especially on the first date. Furthermore, if you ask a lady out on a date, pay. If you ask someone out and you choose the venue, you should pay for your date. It is what a gentleman would do.