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Exceptional Dates

Going to a movie, ignoring your spouse while munching on popcorn, might be a date, but there is a great deal more to an exceptional date. A woman wants to feel special to you and to the marriage. If she does not feel this way, you need to start paying a great deal more attention to your relationship. If you do not, you may not have a relationship.

Most men are oblivious to problems in their marriage. They believe if they work hard, make a good living, provide a nice home and put food on the table, she should be satisfied. Most of the time, she is not satisfied.

Exceptional dates are dates where
your wife feels exceptionally special.

Have you ever asked yourself why she is in a bad mood much of the time? Have you ever asked yourself why she doesn’t seem to smile as much as she did earlier in the marriage? The answer could be, not always, but could be, the quality of your relationship. It has nothing to do with working hard at your job or profession. It has nothing to do with putting food on the table. Stop and think about this for a moment. If she were to leave you, is it possible she could find someone else who would put food on her table? If you answered yes to this question, you must add more to your marriage. Add some of the following special date ideas.

  1. Role-play. Call her up and ask her out on a date as a stranger. She may fight the idea a little in the beginning, but stick to the plan. Once she submits to your plan and agrees to the date. She can be great at role-play. Stick to you date plan all evening. Do not go in and out of character. If you go in and out of character, you will diminish the effects of the role-play date.
  2. Have her go to a hotel bar and pick her up. Tell her she is beautiful and you couldn’t help but notice her from across the room. Buy her a drink and let the night progress.
  3. Tell her you are going out to play golf or visit a friend and then rent a hotel room for the night. Have the key sent to her with a cryptic note asking her to meet you at a certain time. When she shows up, have a bottle of champagne and some chocolate covered strawberries waiting in the room.
  4. While she is out, make a trail from the front door to the bedroom with rose pedals. Light some candles. Put on some romantic music. Have a bottle of champagne and strawberries waiting in the bedroom. Have her bath run and a warm towel waiting when she exits the bath. Make her feel special.

There are many ways to make your wife feel special on exceptional dates. If you cannot think of a date idea, we will be posting some of the more interesting dates as they are received from our readers. Whatever you decide to do on your dates, make them special. A bad date is worse than no date at all. However, do not use this as an excuse for not dating. Everyone needs a little specialness in their relationship.