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Romance, for many men, is a girly venue. However, nearly every woman, even after marriage, wants to be romanced. A woman wants to feel throughout her life the way she felt the day you took her hand. She wants to hold on to that feeling as long as possible. In Ten Promises we explain how to keep romance alive. We explain why it is important and the consequences if you do not.

Most men will make excuses for a lack of romance in their relationship. Some use a lack of money. Some use a lack of time. I can tell you it does not take a great deal of money to be romantic. I can also tell you the “martyr” excuse (I work all the time) will help end your relationship as fast as any excuse ever contemplated by man.

You cannot leave romance at the altar and expect to experience a fruitful relationship.

Romance is something that must remain in your marriage to have a joyful, happy, sustainable relationship. I know most men believe they can have a sustainable relationship just by being a good provider, but this is not true. Being a good provider may help your relationship last a little longer, but you will be missing the joy that a truly “good” relationship can offer.

There is more to a marriage than providing. Furthermore, women have now become great providers on their own. They do not necessarily need you to provide. Even if they do, are you so certain they cannot find another to provide a similar or better existence and romance?

You must always look for ways to add romance to your relationship. You must always look for ways to keep excitement and joy in your marriage. If you do not, you probably won’t need to worry long on the subject. She will probably find what she needs somewhere else. Who can blame her? Who wants to be in a relationship that is constantly on life-support?

Some simple ways to add romance to your marriage:
  1. Set up a date night.
  2. Role play. Pretend it is your first date and you do not know each other.
  3. Give her flowers on no occasion.
  4. Send her cards and letters for no reason other than you love her.

There are many ways of adding romance into your relationship. Regardless of the ways you choose, you must be certain she understands your love and commitment to the marriage. She must feel loved and special. Without this, you will eventually suffer the consequences. Divorce may not be the immediate result. She may exhibit moments of anger, resentment, mood swings and aloofness. All of these chip away at your marital foundation. Eventually, the foundation will crumble. When it does, the destruction can go far beyond just the two of you. Save your marriage. Save your family. In the end, they are all we have.