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I am not going to be so presumptuous as to tell you how to please your wife in the bedroom, but I will tell you something very important. You must please your wife in the bedroom. The bedroom is where many marriages fail. They fail because of selfishness. When your satisfaction is the only important goal in the physical connection, the act loses a great deal of appeal for your wife. In addition, this selfishness in the bedroom usually finds its way into every other aspect of your marriage.

Have you ever experienced a situation where you wanted to make love and your wife refused? Does your wife try to get away from you as fast as she can after making love? If you have ever experienced either of these negative relationship signs, you need to start making your wife the focal point of your bedroom activities.

You cannot be concerned with only your pleasure and expect to share a happy and fulfilling relationship with your spouse. This is just simple common sense. If you want to experience pleasure, you must give pleasure.

The more you give, the more you get.

This is a true statement. The more you please your wife, the more she will want to please you. If making love becomes a cornucopia of pleasure for her, do you honestly believe she will not get excited when you reach for her in the night or give her that little wink just before bedtime? It is most definitely true. The more you give her, the more you will get from her.

Some men make the mistake of equating an orgasm with pleasure. While an orgasm is quite pleasing and I have never spoken to a woman who would trade having one for not having one, they are not necessarily the all encompassing factor that decides satisfaction.

You must understand there are women who cannot have an orgasm. There are women who have infrequent orgasms. If you approach your love making as a way of making a physical and mental connection with your partner, you will experience more joy in the bedroom, even if orgasms are absent.

For individuals who suffer a physical ailment and cannot experience the joy of traditional lovemaking, you can still take time to please your wife. Holding her close and whispering in her ear how much you love her should be very pleasing. If you cannot experience traditional lovemaking, these simple acts of love and devotion become even more important. Ten Promises is a great way to learn what is necessary to have a joyful and sustainable relationship.

Suffice to say, you must please your wife outside of the bedroom by being an attentive and committed husband. You must also please your wife inside the bedroom by making her pleasure the most important aspect of your lovemaking. If you can accomplish these two goals in your relationship, you should have a great foundation for your marriage, a foundation that can withstand any assault from the outside world.