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Exceptional Marriages

What can I say about exceptional marriages? You either have one or you do not. You either want one or you do not. I would have to believe you are interested in a better marriage and relationship or you would not be visiting this website. However, as in life, something good or valuable does not just fall into your lap. You must work diligently for an exceptional marriage.

My grandfather and grandmother were married when they were thirteen years old. My grandfather told me on several occasions that he wasted half of his life by not getting married sooner. They had an exceptional marriage. I lost them both in their mid-seventies.

I witnessed the wonderful relationship my grandparents shared and this in turn made me want to experience the same type of relationship once I was married. I have now been married for 39 years and I can honestly say I wasted half my life by not getting married sooner.

It is not that my grandfather wasted half of his life by not getting married sooner. I came to understand this many years after I had been married. He was just saying he loved his wife dearly and wished he could have spent even more time with her. When she passed away, he was lost. He lost his reason for everything and it showed in every aspect of his life.

Reach for an exceptional marriage and relationship. Through Ten Promises we describe how to accomplish this wonderful feat. If you do, you will not only share a wonderful life with the person you love, but you will also be setting an example for those who follow.